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communication and seminars with  the mayor of Pasadena 
when Beijing  Zhongguyouyi Elementary School  student 
group was in USA.

      In order to improve the cultural and educational level of the entire Chinese nation and to make Chinese education at the forefront of the world, Chinese government has been paying more and more attention to the education development and has injected a lot of human and financial resources into it in order to be in line with the developed countries of the world.


      The establishment of US China Culture and Education Exchange Association is a bridge between Chinese and US in order to promote the development of China-US culture and education. In recent years,  with the advantage of American advanced educational platform, US China Culture and Education Exchange Association has been succeeded to connect many prestigious universities in the world, the famous public and private  senior high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools,  and kindergartens as well . At the same time US China Culture and Education Exchange Association was successful in hosting a series of China-US educational seminars in both US and China, accommodating more than    ten thousand visitors’ short term or long term training programs on different subjects in USA. At the same time ,  Association has been successful in hosting more than one hundred short and long term training courses, which include principal training, English teacher training, teacher training, university teachers training, elementary school teacher and kindergarten teacher training in USA. We use a combination of centralized training and experience training methods, so that the trainees continue to receive advanced educational theory, which was summarized by education renowned experts in prestigious universities in the United States. Most of the time the Chinese teachers came into the classrooms observing the classes and the interaction between the students and teachers. After that they would have seminars or discussion with American teachers, students, principals and parents to share the teaching experience and how the American schools to use PTA parents resources to achieve mutual cooperation and co-educational purposes among schools, parents and students.  With the platform  of US China Culture and Education Exchange Association, we have been working  for many domestic Education Commissions, Department of Education, secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens to find long-term partners in USA and Canada such as the  establishment of sister school districts, sister high schools,  sister elementary schools and sister kindergartens between China and US or Canada. Meanwhile US China Culture and Education Exchange Association and the Los Angeles Unified School District jointly organized the annual "China-US Youth Culture Festival" activities, and a variety of winter and summer camp activities, study tours, visits to famous schools, and homestaying.  Chinese students have a chance to enter the American school and American family life. This zero-distance connection makes it possible  for Chinese students and teachers to have  deep understanding of American culture, history and customs,  therefore improving Chinese students' English reading and writing skills, but to be more important, this is a way for Chinese students and teachers to publicize China's thousands of years of history and  thousands of years of culture via the visit to American families ,schools and society. Therefore it will bring and increase mutual understanding and friendship between the United States and China, between the youth of US and China.


       In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of China's social modernization, US China Culture and Education Exchange Association maintains good relationship with the United States governments, associations, educational associations, prestigious universities, public and private schools, kindergartens and so on, and it has been working for hundreds of short or long terms training programs and seminars for more than ten thousand of Chinese trainees from all walks of life, especially more than one hundred Chinese and American educational seminars hosted in both China and USA, and the teachers’ educational trainings.  US China Culture and Education Exchange Association has been contributed for training a large number of educator elites to meet the needs of the motherland.


      Education has no boundary! With the combined effort of the 21st century educational philosophy and Chinese New Sunshine Program, Both Chinese and American educators to work together to create a better future! Let the sun of the twenty-first century shines upon every child between the two countries.

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